Saturday, June 28, 2008

foothills trail

Esther and I got some practice at being grandparents this week. (Not that anything is happening soon, nor are we anxious) Conner and Collin Snell have been staying with us the last part of this week, as their parents are with the youth trip to Salt Lake City. Today we decided to include them in our new biking hobby. We checked out the 'foothills trail' that passes through Orting and several other rural communities in the Puyallip River valley. It was a hot day and one of our young riders got overheated, so we just got a taste of this wonderful trail. The 30 mile trail is impressive, and we plan to explore it some more later. We enjoyed an hour in Orting City Park watching the boys play on the Big Toy. It brought back lots of fond memories:)

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