Monday, August 04, 2008

Haiti Trip - day 12

Despite the heat, we decided to rent bicycles to get around Key West. Mopeds and electric cars are also very popular rental items. In the morning, we took a long ride all the way around the key. We got a little overheated, but refreshed ourselves at Camille's restaurant, a funky local favorite. Then it was off to rent a sailboat for an hour. I wanted to rent their Hobie 16, but they were a little lazy, since it wasn't rigged yet; so they talked us into the Hobie 14. It was fun to be on the warm water. Hobie sailing is definitely a wet experience, so it is obviously not a Puget Sound favorite. Esther enjoyed laying on the trampoline and getting splashed with warm water. In the evening it was back down to Mallory Square to enjoy the sunset. Tomorrow, we head back to Miami.

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