Sunday, January 25, 2009

a left out Dutchman

I felt a little left out yesterday as Esther, Bjorn, Jenny and I went to the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard. Of the four of us, I was the only one without a Nordic heritage. Jenny is from Hans Christian Anderson stock, and could connect with her Danish roots. Bjorn and Jenny treated us to the visit which included a lecture by the author of 'In Cod We Trust.' The museum is very nice, occupying an old school site. The exhibits are a progression of rooms which trace the immigration process, from the poverty of the old country to the opportunity and success of the 'the new world.' I, of course, enjoyed the maritime history of the Vikings. The lecturer told about his adventure of returning to Norway to discover his roots near Trondheim. Bjorn and Jenny also treated us to a delicious lunch downtown at the Icon Grill. We ended the day with a stop to pick up Markus at SPU and supper at Alkai Beach.

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