Monday, February 16, 2009

Whidbey Wonders

beach walk
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In lieu of a Big White ski trip on President's Day weekend, the Eide clan elected to rent a cabin on Whidbey Island. Though missing Zach, Kelsea and Markus, the rest of us relaxed for two days at Bush Point on the west side of the island. The cabin was right on the beach; and the design of the cabin took advantage of the location. Besides the usual eating, playing games and lounging around, we took walks on the beach and explored a few island communities. One of the highlights of the weekend was enjoying a special book that Marti created for Jenny and her soon to be daughter. In an attempt to help Jenny and the new Bulthuis girl get to know Bestefar and Bestemor a little better, each of us wrote a memory or impression of the beloved parents/grandparents; and then Marti made a beautiful memoir album. Each of us took turns reading our portion. The book is destined to become an Eide family heirloom. We were fortunate to have some nice weather on Sunday morning and Monday. All in all, a great alternative to Big White.

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