Saturday, February 27, 2010

a SMART classroom

It seems like I never win any raffles or drawings. I always watch other people get excited over their new unearned prize. Well, No more! This year I was one of two teachers to win a SMART board in a schoolwide drawing. After patiently waiting four months for the promised wonder gadget, it finally arrived! We are having a blast getting to know it. Many schools around the country have already been using them, so there are lots of interactive websites to utilize. If you are not familiar with a SMART board, they are a giant interface with the computer's 'desktop' Instead of using a mouse or trackpad, you use your hand or 'pen.' The really handy thing for education is that you can build transparencies over any screenshot and then save them. The one drawback in a class of fifty-six students is that only one person can interface at a time. For now, the novelty of the technology is enough to hold their attention.

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