Monday, April 26, 2010

Bookend Birthdays

the party girl
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This past weekend we celebrated two birthdays; one at the beginning of life and the other in the closing years. Two special women in my life - my granddaughter and mother, neither one cognizant of the significance of the event. Mom did have momentary recognitions of her birthday, but they quickly faded away. But somehow in her emotions, I believe that she could feel the family celebration on her behalf. A highlight for her was signing hymns with her children. On the other end of things, Ada seemed to enjoy the all the attention given her. There was a big party with many of Bjorn and Jenny's friends. Ada seems to have grown up so much in just the past month. She is standing and walking with a cart, sleeping through the night, and making sounds that at least resemble language. While my Mom is quickly losing her ability to communicate, my granddaughter is quickly beginning her ability.

"One generation shall praise your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts." Ps. 145

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secondborn said...

I love your thoughtful reflection on the two birthdays you were a part of this past weekend!