Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Utah Adventure - Day 3

By morning the temp had cooled enough for comfortable sleeping. After much needed showers, we packed up and headed for St. George, our headquarters for Zion National Park adventures. It wasn’t hard to decide to check into a motel with 100 degrees. After a hearty lunch of pasta, we headed for Zion. It was a little cooler there and we rode our bikes canyon. It ended up being a great choice. Cars are not allowed, only shuttle buses from the visitors center. It made it really nice for biking. Only an occasional bus, otherwise we had the road and valley to ourselves. A small thundershower helped really cool things down. The scenery was amazing, a continual changing panorama of red walls and very green vegetation. Esther enjoyed checking out the Lodge. Though not as impressive a structure as many, the setting was amazing. We made it to the top of the canyon and back before dark. The king size bed and air conditioning at night was much appreciated.

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