Sunday, July 18, 2010

Guess who came for a visit?

Actually, it turned out to be a Bulthuis family event this weekend. Bjorn, Jenny and Ada were returning from Georgia where they spent time with Jenny's sister Jill and family. They decided to give us a couple of days before returning home. Markus came home for part of the weekend as well. We went to Belfair State Park to enjoy the sun and ate at the Blue Agave. Saturday, Bjorn and I went sailing while the girls went shopping. Brett came over for dinner and we got to reminisce. On Sunday we all went to Markus' church, Quest Church in Seattle. It is amazing how much Ada is changing. The mobility of walking has transformed her into quite the busybody. She has also become very verbal, at least in the departments of volume and chatter fluency. In all the babble there is the rudiments of Mama, Daddy, Please and ByeBye.

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Jenny Built-house said...

You know that busybody usually means a gossip right? I'm hoping you didn't mean to call my daughter a gossip ;)