Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pete and Repeat were on the slopes

Yesterday, fellow teacher Pete Darragh and I celebrated MLK Day with a trip to Stevens Pass. It had been four years since I last was on a snowboard. The first couple of runs were a little shaky, but I soon got my 'snow legs' and was 'burning up the slopes' :) It snowed all day, so the conditions were good. The crowds weren't bad either, given it was a holiday. Pete and I made good slope mates as we progress down the slopes at the same speed; even though he needs an extra board to go down the hill:)
The snow is unfortunately not staying in the mountains where it is supposed to be. The lowlands are getting snow as well and school is cancelled today and probably tomorrow. Looks like we'll be having 'summer school' again this year.

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Jane Fader said...

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