Saturday, July 07, 2012

Hawaii day 1

windward Ohau by Southworth Sailor
windward Ohau, a photo by Southworth Sailor on Flickr.

Last night we landed in Honolulu just after dusk. The twilight and lights of the island as we landed gave an added touch of enchantment. After renting a car, we found Ray's house quite easily. He is a great host and it is a great house just blocks from Waikiki beach. Today Esther and I did the usual Bulthuis thing and tried to cram the whole island into one day. We pretty much drove the entire island and stopped at a few places. True to form, the windward side was cloudy with occasional rain and the leeward side was sunny. We had two meals with lots of local color and got in the water twice. We ended the day with a nice conversation with Ray.

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