Wednesday, August 01, 2012

San Juan getaway part 2

Sunday morning we went out to English Camp for an historical reenactment of life in the late nineteenth century. We strolled by tents and a lady made a doll for Ada. Ruby nursed an apple for about an hour. On the way home for lunch, we stopped at a winery. In the afternoon, the women went to the lavender farm while Bjorn and Calvin watched the Olympics and Markus and I rode bicycle to Cattle Point Lighthouse. We enjoyed Jenny’s pulled-pork carne asada on the deck. The kids went to a production of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at Roche Harbor while Esther and I stayed home with the girls. Calvin was up early to make a Japanese breakfast of miso soup and tuna/plumb rice balls, a truly cultural experience for some of us morning cereal lovers. After a quick pack up, we went out to Cattle Point Lighthouse before getting in the ferry line and shopping/eating in Friday Harbor. Ada and Bjorn were presented their Junior Ranger badges for the scavenger hunt on the ferry ride. In the evening we went up to Cain Lake to have dinner with the Eides as Zachary was up from Arizona for a few days. We enjoyed Kay’s pasta dinner and Marti’s gourmet cup cakes in honor of Calvin and Esther’s birthdays and Bjorn and Jenny’s and John and Kay’s anniversaries.

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