Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another Successful Launch

The other day a neighbor stopped his car while I was prepping the boat in front of our house. He said, "I always know that spring is in full swing when I see you working on your boat." Well, let summer begin - my boat is in the water. It's out a little earlier this year because I want it out by Memorial Day as a backup for the coming Blake Island adventure with the Bishop/Bulthuis gang. It was really hard buying a new outboard motor this year to replace my stolen one. I also added an adjustable motor mount to the transom. The only detail I had hoped to complete is the name lettering. It needs a perfectly calm day, and we haven't had one lately. The journey from the launch to the mooring buoy was a mix of motoring and sailing. It was good to feel the boat grabbing the wind again; but it was also comforting to test my new used outboard.

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