Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sixth grade to Blake Island

Island trail by Southworth Sailor
Island trail, a photo by Southworth Sailor on Flickr.

I am certainly getting my fill of Blake Island. Long before our plans for last weekend's festivities, I planned to take my class to Blake Island for an overnighter. I usually take my class to Neah Bay this time of year, but because many of these students were with me last year and had already been there, I decided to find something a little closer to home. Surprisingly, only two of the students had ever been to the Island. So instead of enjoying the first sunny weekend in June landscaping or sailing, I took seventeen students to Blake Island. We were once again blessed with a safe enjoyable experience. One of my student's grandparents generously offered their 40' cabin cruiser to transport the kids. (Beats five trips in my sailboat!) Two dads also accompanied us on the adventure. We trekked the 4.3 miles around the island and witnessed the Tillicum Village Native American performance. We battled dozens of raccoons and survived an unexpected early morning rain shower that soaked the girls' tent. The students were well behaved and helpful. I expect that they will remember the trip for a long time.

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