Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fourteen and a half years ago John Snell was hired as the youth pastor at Harper Church.  Bjorn was in junior high.  Over the many years that John and Sugar served at our church, they have greatly influenced the spiritual lives of hundreds of young people.  Our sons are no exception.  Each one of our boys were closely connected to the youth group and spent a lot of time with John and Sugar: worshipping, praying, learning, gaming, and traveling.  Esther and I are eternally grateful for God's work in our sons' lives through the ministry of John and Sugar.  Esther and I also became friends with John and Sugar and enjoyed many hours with them.  Today, Harper said goodbye to this beloved family.  John will become the senior pastor of a church in Kent, Washington.  We are very excited for them.  We will miss them, but we wish them the best in their new home.

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