Sunday, January 05, 2014

Celebration at Seabrook

big dinning room by Southworth Sailor
big dinning room, a photo by Southworth Sailor on Flickr.

Ever since our first Seabrook experience several years ago, we have been anxious to share the experience with the Eides. We anticipated the appreciation that Eide Homes might have for the unique housing development. We rented one of the larger houses which facilitated our group very nicely. After a night in Southworth with everyone, the accommodations felt very spacious. A real bonus was the large dining room; and since food is at the center of many of our traditions, it was important. The weather was exceptionally nice. We spent three days and two nights in the seaside getaway, walking the beach, riding or strolling through the 'town,' and playing games. We missed having Kelsea, Markus and Steph in our company and thought of them often. We started the new year off with a big bang.

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