Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Markus and Stephanie Bulthuis

It's been a week since the wonderful wedding, and we are still basking in the warm shadow that it has caste on our summer.  The wedding weekend was filled with activities.  The rehearsal dinner was Thursday night at Lombardi's in Everett.  A highlight for me was Jenny and Ted's top ten warnings.  We rented a large house in Muklteo Friday through Monday nights.  We were able to fit Bulthuis' and Eides together which helped when Marti put the reception dinner together.  The wedding was spectacular and Swans Trail Farm turned out to be a great venue.  Markus and Steph planned a great ceremony complete with communion led by brother Bjorn.  Marti's Indian menu was a hit, and the toasting and dancing capped the joyous occasion.  That night we had twenty-five people sleeping on the rented premises and Monday brunch was close to fifty.  The newlyweds joined us for the occasion and spent most the day with us.  The weekend was definitely the highlight of the summer.  It's all down hill from now.  Esther begins work the middle of this weekend and I need to finish several summer projects.

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