Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Cold Turkey

Well, the turkey wasn't cold, but the northeast wind was brutal.  Actually, Thanksgiving day in Greenwood was stormy and wet.  It wasn't until Friday night that the cold hit.  We did have a warm time of family togetherness as Markus, Steph and Calvin joined us in converging on Bjorn and Jenny and the girls.  In addition, Steph's brother Nick spent the weekend with us.  Thanksgiving Dinner and a Seahawks game was shared with the Mike Eide family.  The food was superb as always and the Seahawks victory over the 49ers was whipped cream on the pie.  Friday included a trip to the local tree farm, sanding and refinishing the dining table, and visiting with Doug and Nancy while the younger ones went to the movies.  Saturday saw some more table refinishing and a trip to a cold expensive pizza parlor.  A late night trip home set us up for a relaxing Sunday in Southworth before it was back to work.

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