Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hello Corvallis

Last month Bjorn started his new job working for Oregon State University Foundation.  He and Jenny quickly found a great house to rent that is a block off of the main drag.  It is on a somewhat quiet street, but is accessible to the unique downtown Corvallis amenities.  Calvin, Esther and I spent Memorial Day weekend with the new residents.  Jenny was able to show us all of her old stomping grounds.  We even took an extensive walk through OSU and saw Bjorn's new office.  Ada and Ruby were troopers and showed that they will be ready for Japan.  The weekend included a BBQ with Greg and Janette, Jeff and Whitney; the new intown family; a dinner with Mikal and friends who popped in Sunday; a visit to Zion Lutheran Church; a climb up Mary's Peak (highest in coastal range); and a visit to the local nursery to gets some landscaping started.  We enjoyed Bjorn and Jenny's new house.  It has a lot of historic integrity with lath and plaster walls, high ceilings and large wood trim.  The back deck and yard are a great hangout place.  The girls enjoy the enclosed driveway with their bikes and trikes.  I am sure that we will soon be wearing our vehicles out driving the four hours down I-5 on a regular basis.

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Unknown said...

That looks awesome. I'm so happy you guys could find a beautiful home down there. We miss you in Canada though!