Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Holiday Post

This holiday season saw a lot of visitors in Southworth.  It began with an Eide Thanksgiving celebration that lasted three days.  The Cle Elem and Lynden contingents were happy to rendezvous in Southworth.  As many as sixteen people spent the night in the house.  It felt good to fill all of the rooms for once.  We cured our cabin fever one day and walked the Chambers Creek trail.  The Christmas season saw Bjorn, Jenny and the girls up for a week, and Markus and Steph on the weekends.  We went to a Seahawks game and a Nutcracker performance.  The extended Bulthuis family came for the night on the 22nd.  Christmas was spent with our immediate family in Southworth, followed by a night in Cle Elem with the Eides.  Then Ellen spent a couple of days with us before returning to Sacramento.  The last few days of break were spent recouping from all of the activity.

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