Monday, August 14, 2017

Crescent Bar with the Eides

Mikal and Kay were on a mission this summer to get the Eide clan together for a camping trip.  Esther and I are no longer eager campers because of too many cold/wet experiences, so we were glad the decision was made to stay on the Columbia River.  Every one made it besides Kelsey and the Corvallis crowd.  Four dogs kept things interesting.  We had a great time with hot though sometimes windy weather. Mikal rented a ski boat which ended up being our entertainment for the weekend.   We packed just about everyone in including the dogs sometimes, and took long rides up and down the river; swimming, soaking, beaching on the sandbar and even a little wake boarding.  I had to swallow my sailors pride and admit that I enjoyed the motorboat.  The food was great and plentiful and Esther and I enjoyed the Sienna RV while everyone else was in tents.  The trip made a great ending to our summer as Esther started work and I started the summer institute on Monday.

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