Monday, September 18, 2017

Ruby Anniversary

We celebrated our fortieth anniversary this past weekend.  We took Christina down to Corvallis for 'respite care' at Bjorn and Jenny's.  Esther and I were able to watch Ada's and Ruby's soccer games before driving to Newport for an overnight getaway.  We stayed at the Agate Beach Best Western which was OK but probably not our first choice, but late bookers cannot be choosers.  The view was great and the weather Saturday evening was nice.  We strolled around Nye Beach in the afternoon and  after a short nap back at the motel, went out for dinner in Depot Bay at Tidal Rave.  In the morning we took a walk on the beach before the rain came late morning.  A huge breakfast at a Nye beach cafe gave us fuel for the whole day.  We picked up Christina in Corvallis and headed home, stopping at IKEA for a mirror for Christina's room.

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