Sunday, November 27, 2005

A busy weekend with the Eides

After debating about hitting the slopes on Saturday, the gang opted for the Museum of Flight and the supermall. The kids went to the supermall, and the adults went to the museum. It had been about ten years since I'd been to the museum and it was great. They have added a new building with lots of WWI and WWII fighter planes, all very neatly exhibited. We also got to go in the Concorde and Air Force One. We all met up at Ikeas for Swedish meatballs. Today we went to Saltys in Redondo Beach for brunch, where we met Jenny, who was coming back from Oregon. Saltys supposedly has the most extravagant brunch buffet in the Puget Sound, and I believe it. The Eides particularly enjoy the seafood twist to it. We said good-bye to Bjorn and Jenny and all headed back to our quiet homes and our weekly routines.

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