Friday, December 02, 2005

Peter Powder

Markus and I took the opportunity of a day off from school to go snowbaording at Crystal Mountain. The snow was super - better than I have ever seen at Crystal. There was at least 18" of powder. There were quite a few skiers on the mountain for a Friday, but even by the end of the afternoon, we were still finding untouched powder to plow through. Sore muscles were screaming at both of us after our first day on snowboards this year. I felt like I redeemed a day that had been stolen from summer. You see, unfortunately, most teachers in our district would rather have a day for 'grading' after each trimester, than a day of summer; not to mention a host of other 'non-student days.' I would rather do my grading at night, during the long winter evenings. Our union has pushed the school year to the 23rd of June :(

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