Saturday, December 03, 2005

Chilly Chores

There are certain December outdoor chores that fall upon the shoulders every American husband. I completed the two biggies in one day. The nice weather on a Saturday was the determining factor which made it all possible. Today I counted all the aggravating things about stringing lights and I think I know why most men have an aversion for the project. 1) untangling the mess of wires and bulbs (and keeping them untangled.) 2) bulbs breaking as one tries to move them around the roof. 3) bulb hooks get caught on shingles. 4) strings fall in wet gutter as one works 5) hooks break off and bulbs hang funny 6) one never has the right extension cords to do the job. I could go on, but I might discourage some delinquent husband who still has to do it. The other 'biggie' is getting the christmas tree. When the boys were younger, it was a traditional family outing. Now, it is left to me to do myself. It is certainly a more efficient operation. I was back at the house with a freshly cut tree in a little less than an hour.

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Anonymous said...

I have only put up outdoor lights once and your description does it justice. I just do not like it. I almost wish I were Jewish just to have a good excuse to not put up lights but then I would be missing the best part of this holiday.

You know this pressure of daily blogging is too much for me. I imagine that is a strange statement to you as you are very good at it. I have this desire to post something entertaining but still serious and those inspirations don't always come everyday. I will keep at it. I appreciate your encouragement. TG