Sunday, October 15, 2006

a father 'goes home'

Marti and Esther
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Sister-in-law Marti spent the weekend with us as her daughter Marika and a friend were at a weekend horsemanship camp nearby. We had a great visit, talking sons, colleges and church. Sunday morning she received a call that her father died this morning! He has been at Lynden Manor for several years, slowly experiencing immobility and a decline in communucation ability. Late last week he had a fall and was hospitalized. Fortunately, Mike was still in town and could help with transitions to the hospital and then to a nearby care center. Evidently, the trauma was too much for Ray's fragile body and he passed away this morning. Marti expressed that the news was bitter/sweet as the last several conversations with her father included his expressing a desire to 'go home' and leave this struggling life. Pray for Marti and Mike this week as they greive this loss and connect with family scattered around the northwest.

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