Sunday, October 08, 2006

made it to mars hill

church with Markus
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After three years of hearing about Mars Hill Church, browsing their website and listening to their podcasts, I finally made it to a service. We picked up Markus and went to the 5:00 pm service. It was packed (750-1000) We weren't disappointed. Mark Driscoll had a good sermon on 'Is Jesus God?" and the worship band was good, even though it was a more grungee sound than I'm used to. The crowd is definitely generation X with a few families and old fogeys mixed in. Mars Hill is an amazing work of God, especially considering it's setting in Seattle. Markus then took us to Gorditos on Queen Anne hill where we got our fill of great burritos.

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yeahboone said...

nice, marshill is great! also, the earlier services have better music in my opinion.