Monday, November 05, 2007

27 and still going strong

I faced a choice this month of whether or not to fix the brakes on the Datsun. Because of some unique features, brake replacement is a little more costly than most. After some hesitation, I went ahead and replaced the brakes. My father bought the 1980 200SX new and was quite proud of it. When he moved to a minivan a few years later, he passed it on to the Bishops. Jack kept exceptional care of it as it cycled through all three of their children: Aaron, Sarah and Rebekah. Jack gave the car to Markus, who used it for three years, and now it is under Calvin's 'protection.' My dad would be proud to know that his 'Datsun' has passed through five grandchildren.

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Aaron and Jen said...

Now that is a beautiful car!