Monday, November 19, 2007

Qwest Field at last

Yesterday was my first visit to Qwest Field. Markus and I joined about forty people from Harper Church at the Seahawks/Bears game. We felt fortunate to catch the Hawks on a good day! From the nosebleed section, you can't see the game as well, but the atmosphere is great. To help add to the 12th man noise, I found myself belting out any kind of strange cry that my vocal chords could produce. The intensity in the stadium is so much higher on defense than on offense. The cheer over a completed pass is dwarfed by response to a false start. The crowd acts like they are an active participant of the defense (which they are!) My favorite play of the game was when kicker Josh Brown tackled the ominous Devin Hester. I don't suppose I'll get a chance to go to another game soon, so I'll cherish the feelings as I cheer on the Seahawks from my couch.

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