Saturday, August 09, 2008

Big Wedding for the Little Man

Our friends Frank Carlson and Sheri Hitch were married this afternoon despite a downpour of rain. Frank has been a bachelor all these years, patiently waiting for the Lord to give him a partner. Sheri is a gracious loving woman who is basking in Frank's affection. The outside wedding was attended by about three hundred guests. The weather was precarious, and just as the ceremony started, it began to rain (hard). The joy of the moment overshadowed the discomfort. Frank could not resist the opportunity for the spectacular as a team of vikings delivered Sheri's ring in a treasure chest. A picnic complete with roast pig finished the festivities. Fortunately, it stopped raining.

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tasteslikechicken said...

Isn't anyone concerned with the shame this union has brought on her family... the pain and embarrassment it has caused them all?

Didn't even one of these three hundred people feel her ex-husband was worthy of a second chance? Or doesn't your church believe in grace and the God of second chances?