Monday, October 11, 2010

Connecting on Columbus Day

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A three day weekend afforded us the opportunity to visit Greenwood (a.k.a. Lynden) Saturday we went for lunch at the Everson Auction Sale Barn. Yes, it was hard to choke down the chiliburger with the aroma of manure wafting up from the floor; but it was a childhood memory that Esther needed to relive. Then it was across the street to the Stonyridge Pumpkin Patch with sights and sounds to delight Ada. The drizzly weather finally got to us and we headed back home down the Van Dyk Rd. Sunday was church at Oikos (Bjorn and Jenny's church) and lunch at Little Cheerful's in Bellingham and a visit with Mom. Monday the Greenwood clan took a hike at Lake Tenant in some welcome sunny weather before enjoying lunch at Boundary Bay Brewery.

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