Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mom's MacBook Air

For months we have been debating about getting an iPad. I was excited about playing with the new hands-on device, but Esther wasn't sure about the lack of a keyboard and inconvenient lap use. Since the justification for a new technology device was a replacement for the ten year old iBook that Esther has been nursing along, I decided I should defer to her wishes. Well, the release of the new MacBook Air was just what I needed to get spousal consent. This weekend we took the plunge and purchased an 11" MacBook Air. It is amazingly light, compact and super fast. My MacBook suddenly feels like a clunker. On another note, it was conference week at school and for the first time since I have been teaching, all of the parents showed up! I always get a no show or two. This afternoon, we took an Halloween Day drive to enjoy the Fall colors and a little bit of sunshine. We drove out the Northshore Dr. on Hood Canal and kept going on the dirt road all the way to Dewatto. It is some pretty remote country but the woods were beautiful with the yellow alder leaves shouting out from among the deep green evergreen. Tonight we will have our traditional pigs-in-a-blanket and we will reminisce of Halloweens gone by. Such is the plight of the empty nester!

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