Thursday, March 24, 2011

Home for now

After much emotional turmoil and anxiety, we decided to fly Calvin home from Japan while things stabilize after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear radiation. Calvin was not anxious to leave his friends and adopted country, but we pulled the parent trump card. His trip went smoothly even though we insisted that he leave for the Tokyo airport 24 hours early, necessitating a night on the airport's tile floor. Oh for the bones of a 20 year old! He arrived Saturday morning to a rare sunny day. The entire family, as well as friends made his first 24 hours in the US exhausting. This week, Calvin is enjoying time with friends who are on college break, as well as visiting friends at Trinity and family in Lynden. He has a scheduled flight to return to Tokyo on April 6 for his next term, but that is contingent on conditions and his parent's comfort level. We are relieved that he is safe for now, but still very anxious for the people of Japan and Calvin's plans.

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