Saturday, March 12, 2011

Safe Sons

The last couple of days have been somewhat anxious for us with the disasters in Japan. We are thankful that our boys are safe, but have sorrow for the many that are suffering. Calvin has an extended Spring Break (six weeks), so Markus decided to take a two week visit to Japan this month. Calvin planned a Bulthuis style tour of southern Japan, complete with youth hostels and internet cafes; little knowing how providential that would become. They visited Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka among other things. They were in Hiroshima when the earthquake hit and didn't even find out about it until several hours later. Their train trip back to Tokyo was blocked and they had to take a bullet train to avoid a two day delay. Safe back at the university, they will spend a couple of laid back days before Markus flies back home on Tuesday. For more details of the trip see the link to Markus' blog on the right.

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