Sunday, June 12, 2005

Another Fantastic Trip to Neah Bay

exploring tide pools
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Every year we take our fifth grade students and their parents to Neah Bay for a weekend. Once again the weather was great, even though it was raining back home. We left school at six oclock in the morning for the four hour ride out to Neah Bay. The first activity was a three mile hike through the mud to Shi Shi Beach (arguably the nicest beach on the WA coast) It was a minus tide and the reefs and rocks created thousands of unique tide pools. We spent two hours exploring the sea creatures. Next, we drove back to Neah Bay for a visit to the Makah Museum, a collection of artifacts uncovered from an ancient village at Cape Alava. Then it was back to Makah Bay to set up camp. We are very fortunate to have an agreement with the tribe to use a field right on the wonderful beach. We even had a complimentary guard dog, a friendly Newfoundland that spent the whole time with us including chasing racoons all night. The kids spent hours and hours on the beach. Sunday morning we enjoyed the beauty of the beach and then went for a short hike to Cape Flattery and a view of Tatoosh Island. The 23 students and 19 adults had a wonderful time. For more pictures of Neah Bay go to my photostream and to

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