Monday, June 06, 2005

Bulthuis Birthday Boy

Today was my birthday, so after school we went to Tacoma and ate at Montezuma's Mexican restaurant. We met Bjorn there as he was on his way up from visiting Jenny and her family near Corvallis, OR. Birthdays after forty are bittersweet, reminding me how old I am getting and how fast life is passing by; but also reminding me of how blessed my life is. This was also a big day for the Mac world as Apple announced it's plan to use Intel processors in the future. Are they moving to the dark side? Will this be the end of Macintosh as we know it? I doubt it.

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yeahboone said...

happy birthday! mexican food is the best. but isn't that montezuma guy all about revenge...? hmm. anyways, yeah, i hope mac stay's "true"... im glad to hear you doubt they'll go to the dark side. it'll be interesting to watch that unfold.