Sunday, June 26, 2005

Burned out from Vegas

burned out from Vegas
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Esther and I played hooky from church today and picked up our prodigal son from the airport. (Ha!) Bjorn spent the last four days with Jenny's family and friends as Jenny's brother was married atop the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas. He was exhausted after not sleeping for the last 30 hours. When he gets tired, he is a worthless conversationalist; but we did our best to drag out as much info as we could over lunch. He had a lot of fun experiences that he has probably never had with the Bulthuis' or Eides! We stopped at the Apple Store and he bought me an iTrip for my iPod. It is much needed as my tape deck in my truck has gone on the fritz. Bjorn dropped us off at the ferry and continued on to Lynden, somehow staying awake! -- Today I came across a journal from a former missionary who brought his son back to Mkar, Nigeria to visit. He was a doctor at the hospital twenty years ago. He spent a week there this spring, as well as going to a couple of other African countries. He also had a few pictures. I was spellbound by his journal as he was acting out a lifetime dream of mine to take the family back to Mkar. I vicariously devoured every morsel of experience. Dr. Visser's journal is found at

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