Tuesday, August 21, 2007

another day in 'the valley of the moon'

A place must be special to keep these two from moving on. We decided to stay another night in Sonoma and poke around. We started at Jack London's estate in Glen Ellen. The famous author lived here most of his adult life as he cranked out the fiction. It was fascinating to learn of his love for farming, and his attempts in experimental horticulture. Most impressive was the ruins of the 'Wolf House', Jack's dream house that burned down just after completion, but before occupancy. He died three years later at the age of 40. Our next stop was Sebastobol on the western slopes of the valley. Esther read that 90% on the gravenstein apples were grown here, so it was off to find a fruit stand. Next we browsed the antique shops in Petaluma before returning to Sonoma to relax by the pool. Supper was shared with half of the town in the town square as farmer's market and the pinewood derby drew in the crowds.

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