Saturday, August 18, 2007

A-Bandon-ed by the sea

Bandon by the sea
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In true Bulthuis fashion, we started on our road trip at 9pm Friday night. We weren’t looking forward to wasting the better part of the daylight on the I-5 grind. By 1:30am, I was getting tired and we would soon be embarking on unfamiliar road. We pulled over at a rest area and cozyed into our ‘bed’ in the back of the van. A fairly good night's sleep was ended by sunlight and the idle of eighteen wheelers pulling out. The McD breakfast sat well on the road to the coast, despite an hour traffic jam due to a highway fatality. We arrived in Bandon shortly before noon and took walks to the end of the jetty and through old town. Lunch was fish and chips on the wharf. Our impression of Bandon was that it was a slightly a-bandon-ed tourist town. The surroundings were impressive enough with plenty of sea stacks and surf, but the town lacked the charm that we had anticipated. Maybe we are too accustomed to the Cannon Beach atmosphere. We are now in the town of Brookings, just above the CA border. This town seems to have a little more to offer and has an arts and crafts fair going on. We opted not to pay the high price for the available dumpy-trumpy in town and plan to spend the night in a nearby rest area. We rented ‘Wild Hogs” and will watch it tonight in the comfort of our van – a rare movie night for Esther.

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KJ said...

Hey, Peter and Esther!

While Googling various names of pastors of PCC, I found your blog!

I hope you're having a good vacation. I have yet to do anything fun with the summer, but unlike teachers, I can use early September for that, when the weather is usually just fine!

I have a blogger account where you can zap me a reply so I'll have your e-mail address. However, I don't have my own blog as I find it much easier just to mooch on the efforts of others.

Hi to Esther!