Sunday, November 02, 2008

my beautiful bl?..brunette?

The scariest thing that came to our house Halloween was already in it! In honor of 'crazy hair day' at Orchard Heights, Esther gooped up her locks. I much prefer the blonde, but maybe it's just my familiarity. My accomplishment for the weekend was hauling my sailboat out of the water for the winter. Blue Wing is now cleaned and securely 'moored' beside the garage. Much of the last couple of weeks has been spent at our former house. The past renters of five years (has it really been that long?) moved out and we needed to get it ready for the new renters. Well, the new renters are in this weekend. They are a young couple with two young children. As we were cleaning this week, we decided that if we had to, we could move back. The 'lightness' of the main living area has a strong appeal for us.

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Anonymous said...

Don't leave your house!