Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cooling off Southworth style!

alpen glo
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What a scorcher! 90 degrees in W. Wash. Hope you enjoyed it. Well, I don't think it topped 84 in Southworth. The water always keeps it about 10 degrees cooler. I couldn't resist the temptation to spend the evening sailing. It was a great sail. The wind was very gusting at the south end of Blake Island, but the main sound had a steady stiff breeze. I stayed out to watch the sunset. Today in school we had two deputies from the sheriff's office present boating safety to the students. One of the deputies was in my youth group when I was a youth pastor! Wow! do I feel old! They did a great demonstration about hypothermia using a bucket of cold water. Check out the pictures on my photostream. Once again I am convinced to always wear a PFD on the water, especially when sailing alone.

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