Sunday, May 29, 2005

A New Fence for Bowser

New fence for Bowser
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When we moved into our house a year and a half ago, I put up a 'temporary' fence to keep Bowser in. It was kind of tacky looking with left over lattice. The problem was we had to scramble over it to get into the yard since there was no gate. The fence also kept us from using our lawn at all. I kept procrastinating, thinking that we might get rid of Bowser, and then I could take the temporary fence down. Well, I guess I am resigned to 'til death do us part' with Bowser, so a fence I must build. Bjorn helped me out and we put the fence up with just the cost of the wire and gate hardware. The lumber was leftover from neighborhood deck jobs. Now we get half the yard and Bowser gets half. He's not too happy about it, because his favorite spot has been taken away.
On a more somber note, one of our close friends is suffering from a mental breakdown. His poor health in the last couple weeks led into a psychotic paranoia. We visited him last week at home and were quite concerned about his mental/emotional state. We learned this week that he was admitted into a mental health facility. Yesterday we visited him. It was very difficult going to see him as it was a lockdown unit with many severe patients roaming the hall. The facility felt forty years old and the staff were unprofessional. Our friend was highly sedated and mostly coherent though he got paranoid at one point. It was very disturbing to see a close friend in this condition and we constantly ask the Lord to restore him to health.

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