Friday, May 20, 2005

I saw Satan fall like lightning

star wars
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The fall of Anikan resembles Satan's fall from heaven: pride, and the desire for ultimate power. One would almost think that George Lucas had a model for the 'dark earth invader' I watched Episode III tonight with Markus and Calvin. I enjoyed it, but things happened too fast. Even the turn around of Padme's emotion was unnatural, but I guess it all had to happen in one last film. It is a bit heavy for young children.
There was no school today; I'm not sure why. Maybe it's just to prolong the school year so that we have less summer. Sorry for the cynicism, but our teacher's union doesn't seem to agree with me on very much. Anyway, the constant rain kept me from getting much done outside. I did purchase a new grass trimmer/bushwacker thingy today. I tried it out on blackberry bushes and it works pretty good.


Bjørn said...

Wasn't it a scheduled snow make up day? New weed wacker, huh.

Anonymous said...

I agree Peter - about the movie and the day off. I saw Episode III on Friday afternoon while Stephanie was babysitting neighbors. I liked it a lot. The day off was a bummer b/c of the summer make up time.