Friday, May 13, 2005

The World of Widgets

Originally uploaded by Southworth Sailor.
I assume that those of you who are Mac users have your copy of Tiger loaded and are enjoying its features. For you poor PC users, Tiger is Apple's new operating system with many new features. One of my favorite is the Dashboard. Simply put, it is a screen with many little windows. Each window is a separate little program or window usually fed by the internet. The windows are called widgets, and there are hundreds of them available for free on the web. You can store them in a dock and activate them with a click. Some of my favorites right now are the sticky note pad, the dictionary, local weather (including current doppler), an address book and a daily Bible verse collection called Losungen. New widgets are being developed daily, so it's fun to check out the new ones. This evening, Esther is spending the night at Camie's and then they are going to Sequim tomorrow. Markus and Calvin are at a youth worship night. It's been an unusual muggy evening with the rain holding off. I went out on the boat for an hour, just putting around with the outboard on.

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