Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Classroom blog - Party Till You Drop

Party Animal
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On Wednesday at school, we are going to have our very last party of the year. One of my classmates' mom might bring a barbecue. Our party's going to be the day before we get out of school. My whole class has to provide a lot of food for the parties because we have 55 kids in my class including me. My class' name is the IMA. Our class is the biggest class in Sidney Glen Elementary School. At the end of every month, we have a class party for all the people's birthdays that were in that month.



Anonymous said...

its cool how you let your students have a party at the end of every month

Anonymous said...

well i think your kids would get a little hyper

moore&moore said...

I think they got really hyper, and I am a first hand witness. Of course, on the last full day of school, they would have been hyper for anything we could dream up. Soooo.... why not party on?