Monday, June 04, 2007

another successful Neah Bay trip

Once again, the fifth graders from the Sidney Glen multiage made the annual camping trip to Neah Bay. After a four hour drive to the northwest tip of the state, we hiked to the Olympic National Park to enjoy Shi Shi Beach. The weather was foggy, but comfortable enough to stay warm in a sweatshirt. We explored the tide pools and some could not resist getting wet. Next, we went back to town and the Makah museum to enjoy the great display of Native American artifacts. We set up camp at a campground and enjoyed the beach until ten. The kids quieted down well after their big day. After a big breakfast the next morning, it was off on our final adventure of a hike to Cape Flattery. The fog refused to lift, and for the first year, Tatoosh Island did not show itself. It is alwys fun to share the experience with the students in a different setting. They are usually very cooperative and appreciative of the experience. The parents that come along are also very helpful. So even though the rest of western Washington was enjoying sunshine and the 80's as we were in the fog, it was a great weekend.

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where did mr moore's hair go? in all the other pictures hi has a bit of a fro.hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!