Friday, June 29, 2007

Markus gets his passport

Next week Markus leaves for a two week trip to Norway with two of his cousins. In March, we sent in the paperwork for a passport that is supposed to take 'ten to twelve weeks'. On Wednesday (wk 14) there was still no sign of a passport and we were starting to get very nervous. Esther spent hours on the phone and finally got an appointment at the federal building for Thursday. She took the day off work, brought in a new set of paperwork and spent the day waiting with about a hundred other desparate travelers. At the end of the day, Markus received his passport, much to our relief. Jenny is here for the weekend. Tonight we pick up our exchange student from the airport. Esther is at the 'Women of Faith' conference and will have to wait to join the rest of us. BTW - for those who care - iPhone is here.

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Anonymous said...

We are really glad you have your passport Markus! You had us worried for a while. auntk