Saturday, June 23, 2007

Montana with Mom - Day 2

Mom and I had a good ride today through the beautiful scenery of Western Montana. As long as I constantly monitered the music volume and the cabin temperature, Mom was a happy camper. We ate at a cool deli in Missoula where we enjoyed 'Doc's hangover stew' We arrived in Helena at about four in the afternoon. stopping to see Dan and Jo at the Bookstore on the way in. It's been about five years since Mom and John have seen eachother. Uncle John makes the perfect host, making sure that we got settled in to the guestroom. After supper, we all got in the van and John guided us on a tour of Helena, including five miles on dirt roads on the hillside above the city (now I know where I get it from!) Mom was ready for the sack by 8:30. Tomorrow looks to be a busy day for her.

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