Saturday, June 30, 2007

welcome weather for Eneko

Last night, Calvin and I picked up Eneko from the airport at midnight. Eneko is a student from Spain who is spending the month of July in US. He will be staying with our family most of the month. Eneko is from the Basque section of Spain where they speak their own Basque language. Of course he knows Spanish as well as English. The weekend weather is cooperating, and we took advantage of it. We played some three on three soccer, then some ultimate frisbee, and for the hearty ones, a dip in the waters off Southworth point. We are looking forward to spending more time with Eneko.


Anonymous said...

hey you motley crew! just kiddin'
we are glad Eneko has safely arrived! auntk

Anonymous said...

Hola Peter:
¿que tal con Eneko?, Espero que defienda bien la portería como lo hace en su equipo de Oiartzun. Que todo vaya bien.

José Luis Areizaga

Sleepless K said...

Kaixo Eneko!

Hitz egiten al duzu ingelesez? Zer moduz?

Except for a few choice phrases, that's about the extent of my Euskara. But I hope you have a wonderful stay in Port Orchard.

I'll bet you didn't know there are American-Basques in this town too. We have chorizos and txacoli if you get homesick!

Kay Boling 871-7819

(Murelaga - Lekeitio, Bizkaia)