Monday, August 01, 2011

Birthdays and Babysitting

The end of July is birthday time for Calvin and Esther. It was also our chance to play grandparents for three days while Bjorn and Jenny took an anniversary getaway to Victoria. I was worried that we might have a statistical oddity with bad weather on Esther and Calvin's birthday, but at the last hour the warm weather came through. Esther and I had a great time with Ada and Ruby, exploring the Southworth neighborhood with the beach and 'candy store', swimming in the front yard pool and visiting SK park. Calvin was working at Miracle Ranch until the afternoon of his birthday, so Alicia, Megan and Tyler spent the previous night putting post it notes over every inch of Calvin's room (except the floor and ceiling) They finally finished the 6000 post its as dawn broke the next morning. If that wasn't enough, Alicia made a kitty litter birthday cake complete with tootsie roll poop. We hope that Ada doesn't get any ideas for future 'yummies.' Markus helped celebrate the birthdays and Bjorn and Jenny came back from the getaway to help celebrate Esther's birthday. Papa and Farmor are back to just themselves in Southworth as summer weather seems to finally be setting in.

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