Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saying good bye again

This morning we said good bye to Calvin again. He is off to Japan for another year of study at International Christian University. It was great having him home for July and August. He was a great help in getting the rental house painted and we were able to share lots of family time. Calvin will quickly adjust to life back in Japan. This year he will be starting with a working knowledge of the language. It is a little easier saying good bye this year, though not a lot. Markus eased our emotions by spending the day with us. He joined us on a 30 mile bike ride on the Foothills Trail near Orting. What great weather for a bike ride! The trail has so much variety: farmland, suburbia, small town, glacial river, and mountain prairie. The enjoyment of the time with Markus helped the loneliness of missing Calvin.

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